What does “streetscape” mean and why is this plan necessary?

Streetscape refers to the public rights of way associated with a roadway. This generally includes the roadway itself, sidewalks, parkways and the open spaces in-between. As Munster continues to plan for new high-quality developments, the Calumet-Ridge corridors are opportunities to support walking, biking and an overall sense of place in the community.

What kinds of improvements can we expect after completing a plan like this?

This project includes planning for long term infrastructure improvements, such as enhancements to intersections, sidewalk connections, lighting, landscaping and site furnishings. While these types of improvements can take many years to implement, the project also includes planning for near term projects such as banners and community signage.

The design team needs your inputs to help us evaluate and prioritize the types of improvements that bring the most value to the corridors.

How can I get involved and receive project updates?

Community input is welcome throughout the planning process. Feedback can be provided on the website, via community polls, during public meetings, activities and events. Please subscribe to the website to receive project updates and to participate in upcoming activities.

Enter your email via the “follow” button which is located in the footer for mobile users and sidebar for desktop users. You can also visit the ‘Share Input‘ page to submit feedback 24/7.

Where can I review Munster’s past plans that relate to this study?

The Calumet-Ridge Streetscape Plan builds upon past planning efforts by the Town of Munster. Links to relevant past efforts follows below:

Are special provisions in place during COVID-19?

As Munster plans to safely reengage in public meetings and activities, we are taking careful steps to provide options and tools for the community to engage in the way they feel most comfortable. The website will provide online feedback tools and polls. Public events and activities will be available for virtual / remote participation. Face to face interactions will maintain social distancing.

How is this study funded and how will future improvements be funded?

This project is partially funded by the Indiana Lake Michigan Coastal Program.

The plan will include a potential funding plan for implementing the improvements. Funding for long term projects is available through a variety of public infrastructure grants. Near term projects may be funded by the Town through its capital improvement budget. Some projects can be implemented by private developers as part of a redevelopment project.

What are the project limits?

The study area generally includes the following:

  • Ridge Road: From the state line (west) to Columbia Avenue (east)
  • Calumet Avenue: From Little Calumet River (north) to Ridge Road intersection (south)
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