Conceptual Imagery

Before/After Renderings

Use the slider tools below to view before (current site photos) and after (project renderings) imagery!

North Calumet Avenue Gateway Entrance

The north Calumet Ave gateway concept shows existing travel lanes to remain. The painted center median is replaced with a landscaped median and mid-block crossing. The metal railings are replaced with steel-backed timber guardrails. The east side of the road is enhanced with a gateway entry sign and landscaping. Mural art may be considered in partnership with Franciscan Hospital.

Meadow Lane Parking and Temporary Events Plaza

The Meadow Lane concept supports existing on-street parking and access between Ridge Road businesses and neighborhoods. Enhancements such as roadway and building murals, overhead string lighting, freestanding planter pots and furnishings allow the space to be temporarily used as a “people-only place,” supporting local events in coordination with businesses.