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Streetscape Poll

Did you know… Over 500+ folks have shared their input as part of Munster’s Streetscape Poll!? Wowzas. Have you added your input to the mix? We want to hear from as many residents as possible, so be sure to take the poll and share with your friends and neighbors.

Food for Thought

Check it out: Below are a few of the great insights shared to date…

  • Less of a “travel through” and more of a “travel too” situation. Add greenery, landscaping and slow down the traffic so that people feel safe walking or biking.
  • I would like to see the downtown used for weekly car shows, art fairs, foodie events, community gatherings
  • Make ped-bike friendly, update business exteriors, add outside seating, add plantings and landscaping along with benches.
  • Add sidewalk cafes and walkable storefronts that look more cohesive. Thank you for this wonderful survey!!! It’s nice to ask for input. I’ve always thought of these things to improve the town’s visual appeal. Town Hall looks great. Centennial Park is fabulous! Center for Performing Arts is a huge plus. The hospital is a wonderful attraction too. Love Munster!
  • I would love to see it look like a more community-friendly space. Calumet and Ridge are the entryways to Munster off the highway and it looks extremely dated. I like the idea of wider sidewalks and more options for bikers and walkers.
  • More businesses and restaurants with much needed choices in stores and dining. Making it more walkable; host community events in the area. I would love to see a true farmers market / community market that allowed opportunities to interact with community leaders and businesses in a casual format
  • Create a true “Main Street”.
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August 4th Munster Market Highlights

Plazas, public art, and protected bike lanes were among the top ranked priorities of things folks would like to see based on input received at the August 4th Munster Market Pop-Up. Click here to view a summary of all input received.